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The goal of every Hotel in order to increase incomes and customers’ loyalty

The Quality of the Rest is one of the key points of Customer Satisfaction, regardless of the Destination and the type of Hotel.

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HCR Signature Rest System

From Mattress to Rest System

materassi hotel

The very first Made in Italy resting system latex 100% is born: designed for the needs of the receptive structures, built in compliance with the maximum quality standards: mattress + pillows + goodnight kit.

Because the quality of the rest is essential to improve the customer satisfaction and increase the income of your Hotel.


HCR Made in Italy HCR Eco Friendly 100%

Worries Free

Find out the advantages of the HCR Worries Free Formula

From the purchase to the hire: the HCR resting system will always be at the highest level of quality and comfort.


No initial investment<br /> No additional cost<br /> Promotion and consultancy services included<br /> Deductible expenses without amortization schedule<br /> Product warranty for the duration of the contract

Always included in the fee

100% Coverage

Replacement of the mattress in case of breakage, in maximum 4 days

Every 3 years*

Change of the cover<br /> Change of the pillows<br /> Sanititation

*every 4 years in case of seasonal structure

Price List

Standard 365 days  / Season 245 days

  • 10 Kits
  • $ 100 / Monthly
  • Every single Kit is composed by:
  • 1 double

    4 natural latex

  • Ask more
  • From 10 to 20 kits
  • $ 100 / Monthly
  • Every single Kit is composed by:
  • 1 double

    4 natural latex

  • Ask more
  • More than 20 kits
  • $ 100 / Monthly
  • Every single Kit is composed by:
  • 1 double

    4 natural latex

  • Ask more

Both the mattress and the pillows are covered with hypoallergenic and antistatic cloth, subjected to special ant-bed bugs treatments, to guarantee the highest levels of hygienic safety.

The slab is always for twin bed. The cover can be for twin bed with a middle zip called “LINK” or double.

Basic condition
Transport: free destination
Delivery: 20 working days from the receipt of the order
Packing: plastic bag and cardboard in to the box

Mattress measures*: 80/180x190x200 cm.
Pillows measures: 42x72x12/14,5 cm.
*Special size available on request.

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Topper Solution

Beyond the complete rest system, you can join the HCR world thanks to the brand new Topper Solution:

Topper + 4 pillows

The secret of the best Hotels in the world: 8 cm of superior comfort in 100% natural latex to make your mattress like a new one. With the Topper, available in several sizes, you will receive 4 pillows (2 high + 2 low) in 100% natural latex. Each pillow has a micro-perforated structure for better ventilation. The lining is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungicide and delivered with anti-bug treatment.

Exclusive Rental Formula

Also Topper and Pillows are available in our rental formula with annual fee. Amounts can be ordered: up to 10 kits | from 11 to 20 kits | over 20 kits.

Just Pillows?

If you want, you can demand only our pillows in 100% natural latex, starting from 0,16€

Ask for a quote

Natural latex

An eco-friendly resource

Natural latex extracted from the Hevea Brazilians plant unlike memory (synthesis material, thermal sensitive and passive to the bodily pressures) is snug, pleasant and resilient. In addition, thanks to the peculiarities of the natural latex, we can achieve a better distribution of body weight, avoiding excessive pressure points.

Unique characteristics:

natural elasticity, resilience, no deformable, silent, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, optimal ventilation, moisture resistant.

A Value Added


The quality of our products is certified by the European label Eco-Label, for the standard natural latex mattress and pillows, as provided for the directive EC 2002/740/EC of the 3rd September 2002. Other certified documents: Oeko-tex, LGA.





Sleeping well is the first form of welfare

Rest is a natural process that can influence the mood and the capacity of reaction of each one, it is considered a precious good as well as food: a bad resting means fatigue during the daily routine, and it is often the cause of moodiness and malaise.

Everything starts from the spine

If the spine is forced to take an incorrect position, muscle tension gets worst, forcing back muscles, neck and arms to continuous efforts, even during the rest time. The more the spine rests, the greater physical and psychological relax will be.

The Good Night


We take care of our guests and families

  • Made in Italy herbal teas
  • Masks
  • Good night Italian fairy tales for kids

*based on availability

HCR, total wellness

The rest system designed
to regenerate your guests

Perfectly rested thanks to technology and materials, HCR allows you to keep the body correctly, absorbing the protruding parts (hipbone and shoulders), reaching and supporting the empty parts (lumbar and cervical lordosis) and keeping the body aligned.

By not compressing the protruding parts it helps blood circulation preventing cellulite and skin aging.

The preferred rest system

of the Influencer and Professional Traveler


Nome Cognome


Nome Cognome


Nome Cognome


Nome Cognome


HCR System

Chi l’ha provato

We had a great time. A very elegant room, quiet, clean and equipped with all comforts. One of the things that impressed us most was the comfort of the bed. Friendly and professional staff.

Annalisa - 14/04/2019

All great, especially the comfort of the mattress, the light in the bedroom and in the bathroom, the fact of being new and clean. Perfect location near the center.

Markino 17 - 31/08/2018

Large, clean room Large, well-maintained pool Varied breakfast, gluten-free, comfortable bed.

Anna - 28/08/2019

Desayuno bueno. Cama cómoda. Piscina agradable. Tiene aspecto cuidado, especialmente el edificio.

Juan - 27/07/2019

Super central location. Spacious and elegant room. 5-star bed !!! International breakfast, varied and plentiful Staff very friendly and helpful.

Giusy - 18/11/2019

The location was perfect, a stone's throw from Politeama and the historic center, but with quiet access. The bed was very comfortable, special mattresses!

Lina - 30/03/2019

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